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(above shows 2010 stock body Mustang vs. 2010 race body Mustang)

(above shows 2010 stock body Mustang vs. 2010 race body Mustang)



    AACP is proud to introduce the newest addition to its impressive line up of race car bodies. Feast your eyes on the 2010 Trans Am/GT 1 Mustang race body!

     We have more than 3 decades of experience in building composite racing bodywork for Trans Am, GT 1, Grand Am, and IMSA.

     Our 2010 Trans Am/ GT 1 Mustang body work is the result of those thirty plus years of designing and manufacturing premier quality and race winning carbon fiber and fiber glass bodies.

     Our proprietary and unique mold design process assures that every panel will fit with the tightest of tolerances. This translates into the mounting of body work in a fraction of the time often needed to to mount body work from other manufacturers.


          Money saved on body work  =  More money to spend on speed!!



        (a fresh-out-of-the-mold Mustang body awaiting final finishing as seen at the PRI Show)


                             Let ACP build one for you.

                                       Call today!



                                      8 piece kit includes:




                                             left door with undertray

                                             right door with undertray

                                             roof with A pillars

                                             rear deck

                                             rear fascia

                        Available in carbon fiber:  $ 18,590

                                            fiber glass:  $ 13,090


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