C6 GT 1

                             Race Car Body Parts Price List


                                                           Prices subject to change without notice.

 Part/Description  Part Number  Photo    Price
 Front Fascia w/integral Tunneled Undertray-CF  ACP-C6-20061-CF        2,969
 Hood and Fenders-CF  ACP-C6-20062-CF        3,076
 Left Door w/undertray-CF  ACP-C6-20063-CF        1,978
 Right Door w/undertray-CF  ACP-C6-20064-CF        1,978
 Roof w/integral Windshield Frame and Base-CF  ACP-C6-20065-CF        2,330
 Rear Deck-CF  ACP-C6-20066-CF        3,076
 Rear Fascia-CF  ACP-C6-20067-CF        2,636


 Front Fascia w/integral Tunneled Undertray- FG  ACP-C6-20061-FG        2,330
 Hood and Fenders-FG  ACP-C6-20062-FG        1,851
 Left Door w/undertray-FG  ACP-C6-20063-FG        1,193
 Right Door w/undertray-FG  ACP-C6-20064-FG        1,193
 Roof w/integral Windshield Frame and Base-FG  ACP-C6-20065-FG        1,518
 Rear Deck-FG  ACP-C6-20066-FG        1,512
 Rear Fascia-FG  ACP-C6-20067-FG        1,725