Ground Effects Kit

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                     Description    Photo (click  thumbnail to enlarge)        Part Number       Price
Front Fascia GE-front_spoiler.jpg (25250 bytes)    C5/A0002-FG         993.00
Detachable Front Spoiler GE_front_detach_spoiler.jpg (15971 bytes)    C5/A0003-FG         151.00
Photo showing Front Fascia with Detachable Front Spoiler GE-_front_fascia_w_detach_spoiler.jpg (31704 bytes)     
Rear Spoiler    C5/A0013-FG         762.00
Rocker Panel - Left see photo below    C5/A0005-FG         307.00
Rocker Panel - Right GE-_rocker_panel_L.jpg (13709 bytes)    C5/A0006-FG         307.00
Rocker Panel Extension - Left GE-rocker_panel_extension.jpg (25181 bytes)    C5/A0015L-FG         115.00
Rocker Panel Extension - Right see photo above    C5/A0015R-FG         115.00
Corvette Wing  Mvc-010f.jpg (131399 bytes)  Mvc-008f.jpg (132273 bytes)    C5/A0012-FG street      1,020.00
Front Spoiler Add-on           (fits stock front fascia)    C5/A0004-FG         477.00
Molded Corvette Rear        (rear fascia w/1"spoiler) CRB-molded_rear_fascia.jpg (21054 bytes)    CRB-molded_rear_fascia_2.jpg (15610 bytes)     C5/A0039-FG      1,239.00
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